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Helping Clients to move from Unfairness to Freedom

Sometimes life surprises us in the most magical ways. If we walk through our days on earth awake, looking out for the small gifts life often brings, we often stand gracefully amazed. But, if we are being human in any way, there is also the difficult surprises. Life unfortunately is not always fair. Sometimes we experience difficult feelings because life, others or even we ourselves treated us unfairly.

7 Lessons

Facing others’ unfairness for once and freeing oneself to focus on a clutter-free, resilient future.

“The best revenge is having a good life”.


1. Life is not always fair

2. Taking Stock of the Clutter

(Mindful awareness of difficult thoughts, feelings of bodily sensations as a result of the difficulty that took place).

3. Taking Control: Taking the 4 Steps to Let Go

3.1. Step 1: Define the Offence

3.2. Step 2: Facing the Losses

3.3. Step 3: Stepping into my Offender’s Shoes

3.4. Step 4: Time to Release

4. Putting the Picture on the Wall for Once and for All

5. Finding Meaning in Meanness

6. The Next Chapter

7. To Read

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