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Empowering Emotional Wellness Through Expert Education

There is a fundamental underlying ethic in life, and that is that you cannot empower yourself if you do not empower those around you.

Surviving the COVID-19 pandemic with awareness and compassion

Click on the button for advice on how to staying grounded and focused in emergency healthcare situations. You can also download it in pdf format.


Short Courses for Health Professionals

Our courses are specifically aimed at health professionals and people interested in mindfulness and mental health. Many of our courses are HPCSA accredited.

Courses for Managing Property Conflict

We look at life in community schemes in South Africa, how these schemes are managed and at the implications for owners and tenants. Conflict is synonymous with ownership of property in community schemes such as sectional title schemes. It takes a huge toll on the emotional wellness of owners and inhabitants of these schemes.

We therefore give attention to conflict management within community schemes and we provide knowledge resources in the belief that we will manage conflict better if we know more about the rules governing the spaces within which conflict arises.

property conflict

8 Ways to Stay Present in a Busy World

Have you ever woken up wondering where you have been all your life? Or at least for the last day, week or even the last 20 years?
We often don’t remember parts of our lives simply because we actually weren’t there.