When we Need to Silence our Self-Judgment

When we start living in our “minds” instead of our lives because of buzzy-ness, we judge our inner world as good or bad, right or wrong… We then start to avoid spending quiet leisure time on our own because the sense of emptiness may be so intense that it is just too painful to be in our own company. But, as spending quiet time is one of the most important ways (aside from physical exercise and connection with others) to deal with stress – according to the Centre for Studies on Human Stress – we might as well learn how to do that. It is good to keep in mind that we are bigger than our emotions and thoughts.

Learning Mindfulness on a Survival Course. Lessons for an epidemic.

Rules learnt whilst “locked down” with a tough, but mindful teacher on a survival course He took us down the rugged coast for a week without food for maybe 80 kilometers and taught us along the way about life and spirituality without saying much. Rule 1 – Live Mindfully The foundational survival rule is to …

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Mediation – in a Transformative Manner

  Transformative mediation was developed by Robert A. Baruch Bush and Joseph Folger and focuses primarily on empowerment of the parties and their recognition of the other party, and secondarily on the resolution of a dispute. Empowerment in this context means parties will take responsibility for defining their unique complex of issues, facts, requirements and …

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Embrace the Givens of Life

  “Givens can be embraced with an unconditional yes to that which is, without subjective protests, an acceptance of the conditions of existence… acceptance of my own nature as I happen to be.” – Carl Jung In our daily busy lives we regularly need to step back and become aware of our inner and outer …

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