About Us

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360Smartly is an expression of the desire and joy of teaching and learning, sharing knowledge, and empowering people.
We believe that we empower people when we share knowledge.
If we empower those around us when we empower ourselves, we can only do right.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower Mental Healthcare through expert online education.

Our Vision

Our Vision is of mentally healthy and strong communities, and healthcare professionals empowered to provide support in their communities. Visually we aim to express caring and connectedness through the learning environment.


Our Story

You will hear our story at every place where people meet and reach out. 360Smartly enables us to reach out to you, even though you may not be close. Our practices of psychology, law with a coaching intent, and creative educational design, overlap. In that overlapping space we started work on supporting healthcare workers and built 360Smartly to an online presence.

360Smartly is a business of Inner Zone (Pty) Ltd, a private company incorporated in South Africa. Inner Zone focuses on social entrepreneurship, and also operates in the field of mindfulness.

Working for our healthcare community since 2013.

Team: Dirk Joubert, Mariki Smith and Jenny Pape.

Jenny Pape

Educational webdesign specialist

Dr Mariki Smith


Dirk Joubert

Life Coach