The team at the Free State Institute for Mindfulness (FSIM) and 360smartly.com, and Inner Zone (Pty) Ltd, or their successors in title have taken all reasonable care in preparation of the programs and courses they make available to you. There may be unforeseen interruptions, and we will continuously strive to improve and update the programs. So if there are interruptions, kindly bear with us. (At the time of writing, January 2020, the undersea internet cables have been broken at two points.)

In the event of unforeseen disruptions, Inner Zone (Pty) Ltd, the FSIM and 360smartly.com and their directors, employees or agents cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred by you. Further, we reserve the right to alter the programs and courses if and when deemed necessary without prior notice to you. All disputes are subject to resolution under South African law. Should such events such as Force Majeur (e.g. war, earthquake, fire, flood, vandalism, destruction, act of God or of government, legislative enactment or amendment, regulatory interference strikes, lockouts or any other industrial disputes as well as other caused beyond the reasonable control of a party) make it impossible for us to deliver an effective service, we shall not be held responsible.

We shall not be held responsible for any damages, and or costs whatsoever arising from the presentation of any course, or any alteration thereto or cancellation thereof. The FSIM and 360smartly.com and Inner Zone (Pty) Ltd and their Board of Directors, employees and/or agents are not liable to any participant in the program, a family member of such participant or any third party for any harm that may be caused in any manner and in particular, however not exclusively , if the content of any course, lecture or presentation is used for purposes of individual advice or therapy.

If your profession is not the primary profession for which a course has been accredited, the responsibility is on you to determine if a course falls with your scope of practice. Please contact us HERE if you require more information on the course or visit the course page for the particular course.

If you find meaning in anything touching on a Program or by participating in a program, we will be happy. However, no program or course on this website is intended as and does not constitute medical, legal, financial or any other advice or treatment.

In bringing you the contents of a Program, we cannot and do not take responsibility or any liability for the manner in which you make use of the information found in a program on this website . The idea is that a program assists you to practice becoming more mindful, and/or that you are empowered, with full responsibility for yourself and your own actions, to meet the challenges of life with strength and resilience.

Please note that being fully aware/ being mindful is a way of living in contrast to, for example, a stressful life. If, apart from daily stress and the normal daily challenges we face, you are challenged by medical or psychological considerations, remember that mindfulness is not a cure for medical or psychological conditions and not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. Mindfulness can however be practiced and learned as a way of living to support medical or psychological treatment.

If things come up during a program which are too difficult to handle, you should take a break from the program, contact us and/or seek the help of a good therapist. If you are under a therapist’s or doctor’s care already, let them know of your plan to participate in a program, and keep them informed of your experience as you go along, so that they may monitor any unexpected reactions you may experience.

If you struggle with physical, psychological, financial, legal or any other issues, please make an appointment with an appropriate professional advisor. You may also wish to search for a helpline in your vicinity and to call that number- it is there to assist you.