Dealing Effectively with Compassion Fatigue

HPCSA Accredited for 2 CEU's. This Self-Care Space will guide healthcare professionals to keep on finding the balance between being a container for patients’ and clients’ traumas, losses, and physical and mental illnesses on the one hand, and focusing on their own emotional, mental and physical health on the other hand, so to promote emotional resilience.

3 Lessons

2021: Accredited for 2 general CEU’s in level 1

An Emotion-Focused Mindfulness Approach to Compassion Fatigue for Health Professionals

1. Introduction
2. Becoming Aware of Healer Stress, Burnout and Compassion fatigue
3. Emotion-focused Self-care Strategies

This course is open for 100 days. Please scroll down course content once you have access.

The course is experiential with enough supporting theory and resources to assist you to live mindfully at home and at work.

Live Mindfully

Trust the Journey

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