Teaching is my Superpower-The ABC of Mindful Educators

The ABC of Mindful Educators

SACE accredited for 5 CPD points for Educators. Teaching is my Superpower: Each of us today experiences extensive and rapid change. This is a given in the era we live in and nowhere more true than in our schools. As educators we have to manage the change that our scholars and colleagues and their families experience, as well as the change that we and our own families experience. In this context the ABC of Mindful Educators will make an impact on our lives in the HERE and NOW by helping us to stay strong and resilient. Mindfulness is for everyone.

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“Mindfulness is a way of life, simply, with full conscious awareness of NOW, without judgment or critique. We must re-wire our minds to achieve this way of life.” Dr Mariki Smith

Teaching is my Superpower: Thrive resiliently as an Educator.

SACE Accredited for 5 CPD Points

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Course Content Summary

Introduction: Joy and meaning in my life and career as an educator.

A = Awareness of factors which have an impact on us, especially stress and our needs. We make use of our Educator Howzit Map to build out our awareness. Awareness provides the opportunity to improve our knowledge of ourselves, the people around us and our circumstances.

B = Breathing, the importance thereof, and why our Mothers were right about being aware of our breathing before a test.

C = Compassion, why compassion is knowledge and is not just a vague term for the soft and weak. It is an absolute pre-requisite for being a strong, resilient and agile educator, in teaching and coaching, often in the midst of conflict. We deal with both sides of Compassion, self-compassion and othercompassion.

Expected Outcomes, taking back my Passion for Teaching:

establish awareness of factors such as stress, which impacts on me;
assure better stress management – we make use of the extensively researched benefits of mindfulness;
develop better classroom engagement of learners;
establish responding (emotion coaching skills) rather than reacting (emotion dismissive behavior) in stressful situations at school;
learn short effective techniques to create calm and new energy to thrive and to stay grounded in the midst of daily challenges;
establish self-compassion (rather than self-pity, selfishness or self-esteem), ensure other compassion and better relationships with learners, parents and colleagues;
create safe spaces for educators and learners, as well as those within the unhealthy relationship triangle (victims, bullies and rescuers);
deal with bullying from learners, parents and colleagues by means of effective conflict resolution basics.


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The ABC of Mindful Educators

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