Introduction to Community Schemes

Awareness and Compassion in Community Scheme Ownership

Probably the most under-estimated aspect of community scheme ownership is living as part of a community. Owners often do not understand the impact and implications of having community members above, below and on each side of them, separated from them by approximately 14cm of brick or concrete. In this short pogram we take six easy steps into life in a community scheme and we look at what makes that life possible.

6 Lessons

In this course we introduce community scheme ownership in six easy steps – we step into life in a community scheme in South Africa. We look at the meaning of this for owners, tenants and other inhabitants, and the importance of awareness and self-and other compassion in this context.

The essence of a community scheme is that it exists because it is a property scheme for a community. However, in all probability, this is the most under-estimated aspect of community scheme ownership.

Owners and tenants often do not understand the impact of having community members above, below and on each side of them: separated by approximately 14cm of brick or concrete.

In this short program we take six easy steps into life in a community scheme. We look at what makes that life possible.

Expected Outcomes of this Introduction to Community Schemes in six easy steps

1. Know the various forms of community schemes;

2. Understand what a sectional title scheme and an homeowner’s association is. Understand how these schemes are financed;

3. Know your rights and position as purchaser into these schemes;

4. Understand your basics rights and duties as owner, and member of a body corporate;

5. Know the management structure of a community scheme and how these schemes are managed;

6. Understand the role of the Trustee;

7. Understand the role of the Managing Agent;

8. Know a bit more about the concept of reasonableness;

9. Bring your role of owner and or trustee within the perspective of wealth creation.

10. Have a basic understanding of the legislation and legal governance of community schemes. Understand the role of the Community Schemes Ombud Service.

Contents of the Introduction to Community Schemes

Lesson 1 – The Community Scheme
1.1. What is a Community Scheme?
1.2. How is a Community Scheme financed and managed, and by whom?
1.3 What is the legal Framework of Community Schemes?
1.4 Awareness, Reasonableness and Conflict of Interest
Lesson 2 – The Sectional Title Scheme and Home Owners Association
Lesson 3 – The Owner and the Body Corporate
Lesson 4 – The Trustee
Lesson 5 – The Managing Agent
Lesson 6 – CSOS- Community Schemes Ombud Service


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