Mindfulness for Everyone

Emotional Intelligence involves the ability to accurately perceive, appraise, and express emotion; the ability to access and/or generate feelings when they facilitate thought; the ability to understand emotion and emotional knowledge; and the ability to regulate emotions to promote emotional and intellectual growth in self and others.” – Mayer & Salovey.

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“When you’ve mastered the art of breathing, you will finally be at peace with yourself and the world.” – Danny Penmann Every human being were born with this friend… this true companion that never leaves us… not even for one moment… this friend that can calm us down when we are stressed… give us energy when we are on dim… strengthen our immunity, remind us to just ‘be’ when we are on automatic ‘doing’ mission, helps us to thrive instead of just survive… This friend we call ‘Breath’…

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This is a short, powerful mindfulness course about learning to practice mindfulness by means of non-judgmental self- and other-compassion.

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Acting from higher motivations makes us happier and carries more meaning and contentment. Higher motivations or “higher needs”, as Maslow would call them, include exploration, gregariousness and cooperation, power-within, and mastery. If we start to become aware of our motivations, it becomes possible to move up the scale and make a paradigm shift to higher motivations.(Zohar & Marshall, 2004.)

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'n Afrikaanse Mindfulness Reeks: Ons almal, elke mens, ervaar nou uitgebreide en intensiewe verandering, en onsekerheid in ons lewens en gemeenskappe. Dit is in hierdie konteks waar Vreugde van Volbewus -Wees in die HIER en NOU wesenlike impak op jou lewe kan maak, sodat jy jouself kan handhaaf. “There are circumstances that must shatter you, and if you are not shattered, then you have not understood your circumstances. In such circumstances, it is a failure for your heart not to break… Do you wish to preserve the old life? Of course, you do, the old life was a good life. But it is no longer available to you. It has been carried away. So, there is only one thing to be done… transformation must be met with transformation. Where there was the old life, let there be the new life. Sink, as to rise…” – Leon Wiesteltier

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