Awareness and Compassion in Community Scheme Ownership



In this introduction to Community Schemes we take six easy steps into life in a community scheme in South Africa, and the implications thereof for owners and tenants. We look at the need for awareness and self-and other compassion amongst owners.

In all probably the most under-estimated aspect of community scheme ownership is living as part of a community. Owners often do not understand the impact and implications of having community members above, below and on each side of them, separated from them by a brick wall approximately 14cm in width. In this short pogram we take six easy steps into life in a community scheme and we look at what makes that life possible.

Expected Outcomes of the Introduction to the Community Schemes

1. Know the various forms of community schemes;
2. Understand what a sectional title scheme and an homeowners’ association is, and how these schemes are financed;
3. Understand your rights and position as purchaser into these schemes;
4. Understand your basics rights and duties as owner of a unit in a sectional scheme or homeowners’ association as a member of a body corporate;
5. Understand the management structure of a sectional scheme and homeowners’ association and how these schemes are managed;
6. Understand the role of the Trustee;
7. Understand the role of the Managing Agent;
8. Have a basic understanding of the legislation and legal governance relating to sectional titles and homeowners’ association, and understand the role of the Community Schemes Ombud Service.


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