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Dealing with Panic Disorder

It is often difficult for us to understand what our clients experience during a panic attack. Usually, they just tell us about it during a psychotherapy session – not many of us experienced it firsthand or observed a panic attack in the moment while a client is experiencing it.

10 Lessons

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1. Introduction
2. Diagnosing Panic Disorder by means of Awareness
3. Is it me? Considering the Causes of Panic Disorder
4. Managing Panic Disorder: An Emotion-focused Mindfulness Approach 4.1. Defining Mindfulness and Emotion-Focused Mindfulness 4.2. Awareness of my Client’s Unique Panic Disorder 4.3. Traffic Circle: Awareness of triggers, feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations 4.4. Short Mindfulness Exercises for Panic Disorder
5. Other Coping Strategies to Counteract Panic at an Early Stage.
6. Mantras when Experiencing Panic Disorder
7. Last Thoughts
8. References
9 Worksheets


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